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Jun Furuse
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Currently I do not make the source code public, since it is still pretty ugly even from my low comestic standard of code, but it must be open!

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  1. Jun Furuse reporter

    I am always told that everyone uses github and everyone uses Haskell. ;)

    Maybe I can use github but I cannot promise. I am overused to Mercurial and hate Git.

  2. Francois Berenger

    While this is for sure wrong ("everyone uses github and everyone uses Haskell"), the following is most certainly true: "everyone should use github and everyone should use Haskell". I use github, but OCaml, so I'm only half right. :)

  3. Marek Kubica

    The main advantage of GitHub is the sheer number of people over there, which leads to better networking effects. If the hg-git integration works for you, I'd actually recommend to go that route :-)

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