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 with the name of your OCaml compiler version. 
 When you report bugs, please note the revision hash with your issue description please.
+Installation and Usage
+To compile OCamlSpotter, just type ``make`` and ``make install``.
+If you are Emacs user, see ``ocamlspot.el``. It explains how to set up
+and use it:
+* Set ``load-path``.
+* Tell Emacs where it can find ``ocamlspot`` binary.
+* Add caml or tuareg mode hook.
+If you have done properly, move your cursor to OCaml identifier and
+press ``C-c ;``. Emacs should display the definition of the identifier.
+Otherwise... you made mistake or a bug of OCamlSpotter. Yes, it has bugs.
+I have also written Vim script ``ocamlspot.vim``, but it is not tested at all.
+Sorry but I do not use Vim.
 To work with OCamlSpotter
 To browse modules correctly, 
-* Compile them with -bin-annot ocaml compiler option.
+* Use the correct ``ocamlspot`` matching with your OCaml compiler version.
+* Set your ``ocamlspot`` binary in your emacs setting (``M-x customize-group => ocamlspot``)
+* See the buffer ``*ocamlspot-process*`` if you thing something goes wrong.
+* Compile OCaml modules with ``-bin-annot`` ocaml compiler option.
 * Keep the source code and produced cmt/cmti files.
 * Install cmt/cmti files along with cmi/cma/cmxa files.