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Fixed Issue #31: Assertion failure with cmts from a compilation error

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 # At install, we must do it differently.
 ifeq ($(WITH_OCAMLOPT),)
 ocamlspot: ocamlspot.byt
+	rm -f ocamlspot
 	ln -s ocamlspot.byt ocamlspot
 ocamlspot: ocamlspot.opt
+	rm -f ocamlspot
 	ln -s ocamlspot.opt ocamlspot
         EXTRACT.clear_cache ();
         let down_to_sitems = function
           | Abstraction.AMod_structure str -> str
-          | _ -> assert false
+          | _ -> [] (* We cannot extract sitems from the others *)
         let part = function
           | Partial_structure str -> down_to_sitems & EXTRACT.structure str
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