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fixed targets

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 Makefile.targets: *.ml *.mll *.mli */*.ml
 	echo TARGETS= \\ > $@
-	ls *.ml *.mli *.mll | sed -e 's/mli$$/cmi/' -e 's/ml$$/cmo/' -e 's/mll$$/cmo/' -e 's/$$/ \\/'	 >> $@
+	ls *.ml *.mli *.mll | sed -e 's/mli$$/cmi/' -e 's/ml$$/cmo/' -e 's/mll$$/cmo/' -e 's/$$/ \\/'	| grep -v partial >> $@
 .PHONY: clean install installopt beforedepend depend


 override_x.cmo \
 packed.cmo \
 packed_alias.cmo \
-partial.cmo \
 pathname.cmo \
 perv.cmo \
 predef.cmo \
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