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+OCamlSpotter - OCaml source browsing
+OCamlSpotter is a tool for OCaml source code browsing. 
+* You can search the definitions of names of values, functions, data types and modules.
+* Emacs and Vim helpers help your browsing via editors.
+* Definition search traverses module aliases and functor applications: if module M = N, OCamlSpotter automatically seeks the definition of M.x in N. Very helpful in the modern OCaml programming with lots of modules.
+OCamlSpotter 2.x uses \*.cmt and \*.cmti files created by OCaml compiler 4.00.0 or newer with -bin-annot option.
+Unlike OCamlSpotter 1.x, OCamlSpotter 2.x is a standalone application. You NO LONGER need compiler patching. Just make, make install, and configure ocamlspot.el.
+OCamlSpotter strongly depends on OCaml compiler implementation and its compiler-libs library.
+You need use the correct pairs of compiler and OCamlSpotter.
+ provides OCamlSpotter branches for each OCaml versions:
+* ocaml-<version-name> : compilable against the given OCaml version
+    * ocaml-4.00.0 : the latest "stable" version
+    * ocaml-4.00.1 : the latest "stable" version
+* default : Development version. Sometimes not compilable. Not for you.
+OCamlSpotter is always under development and there is no clear release versions.
+If you want to use the latest stable version of OCamlSpotter, choose the tip of the branch 
+with the name of your OCaml compiler version. 
+When you report bugs, please note the revision hash with your issue description please.
+To compile OCamlSpotter::
+   % make
+   % make opt           (This is optional but recommended)
+   % make install     
+If you are Emacs user, see ``ocamlspot.el``. It explains how to set up
+and use it.
+I have also written Vim script ``ocamlspot.vim``, but it is not tested at all.
+Sorry but I do not use Vim.
+How to use
+Before using, it is better to know what to do if something goes wrong
+* Use the correct ``ocamlspot`` matching with your OCaml compiler version.
+* Compile OCaml modules with ``-bin-annot`` ocaml compiler option.
+* Keep the source code and produced cmt/cmti files.
+* Install cmt/cmti files along with cmi/cma/cmxa files.
+* Use ``ocamlspot.opt`` if you have done ``make opt``. It is much faster than ``ocamlspot``.
+* CamlP4 has lots of location issues. In many cases, OCamlSpotter cannot workaround them.
+* OCamlSpotter has its own bugs.
+Browsing your code
+Compile your OCaml source code with ``-bin-annot`` option, 
+then it should create ``\*.cmt`` and ``\*.cmti`` files.
+Open the source code in your Emacs and move the cursor to an identifier
+usage, then type ``C-c ;``. If things are properly installed and set up,
+Emacs should display the definition of the identifier.
+Browsing libraries and packages
+Normally OCaml libraries and packages are not always compiled with -bin-annot option
+and do not always install the annotation files.
+Therefore, if you want to use OCamlSpotter with installed libraries and packages,
+you must rebuild them with -bin-annot compiler option.
+This requires little modifications to their build script (Makefile/OMakefile/...).
+Basically, you need:
+* Add -bin-annot to the compiler switch. For example OCAMLCFLAGS += -bin-annot
+* Copy cmt and cmti files at installation. For example::
+     install::
+        cp \*.mli \*.cmi \*.cma \*.cmt \*.cmti \*.cmxa $(INSTALLDIR)
+* Do not remove the original source files, otherwise browsing cannot work.
+Browsing OCaml stdlib and otherlibs
+If you want to browse OCaml's standard library (stdlib and otherlibs), 
+you must recompile those modules with -bin-annot option to create cmt/cmti files. 
+It should require some Makefile changes and reinstallation of the compiler.
+Recompilation of libraries and compiler with fixing their build scripts is very lousy. To facilitate these you may want to use SpotInstall( ). SpotInstall provides:
+* A small OCaml compiler patch to automatically enable -bin-annot by the existence of OCAML_ANNOT environment variable; no need to fix build scripts.
+* An automatic cmt/cmti post installation command, spotinstall.
+Even with SpotInstall, you have to still recompile the compiler and the libraries. But you do no longer need to fix the build scripts.


+# This is a sample shell script which tries to call the corresponding OCamlSpotter
+# with the current OPAM switch.
+DIR=`opam config var bin`
+if [ -x $DIR/ocamlspot.opt ]; then 
+  $DIR/ocamlspot.opt $*
+  if [ -x $DIR/ocamlspot ]; then 
+    $DIR/ocamlspot $*
+  else 
+    echo "ERROR: No ocamlspot.opt or ocamlspot found at $DIR"
+  fi