Issue #39 resolved

Opam installs bytecode version, not native version

Anonymous avatarAnonymous created an issue

opam install ocamlspot

installs the bytecode ocamlspot binary. This is much slower than the native version. It's not clear how to use opam to install the native binary. I propose that either the native version or both should be installed by default.

Comments (5)

  1. camlspotter

    Thanks for reporting.

    I have got several reports already about slowness of ocamlspot and they used the bytecode version.

    Regarding the gradual change of OCaml executable file name convention, I think ocamlspot should point to its native code version. I mean:

    ocamlspot.byt : byte code ocamlspot.opt : native code ocamlspot : symlink to ocamlspot.opt if ocamlspot.opt is built. Otherwise to ocamlspot.byt

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