Type constructor search failed via include (and functor?)

Issue #15 resolved
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A test failure in test/included_const2.ml Possibly because type constructor names are not handled in abstraction extraction.

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  1. camlspotter reporter

    ../ocamlspot.opt issue15.ml:l5c8:

    anonargs = [/mnt/home/jun/.share/projects/ocamlspot/tests/issue15.ml:l5c8]
    ocamlspot /mnt/home/jun/.share/projects/ocamlspot/tests/issue15.ml:l5c8
    cwd: /mnt/home/jun/.share/projects/ocamlspot/tests
    load /mnt/home/jun/.share/projects/ocamlspot/tests/issue15.cmt
    cmt loading from /mnt/home/jun/.share/projects/ocamlspot/tests/issue15.cmt
    DEBUG alias_of_include': ids=[  ] + sg=[ type:t__1009 ]
    signature recorded: 7 records
    DEBUG alias_of_include': ids=[  ] + sg=[ type:t__1009 ]
    probing by /mnt/home/jun/.share/projects/ocamlspot/tests/issue15.ml:l5c8:l5c9
    Pathreparse: not supported: T (Failure("The given position is not clear enough"))
    Use: Type, T__1010
    Type: t;
    XType: t;
    At: Expr;
    Tree: l5c8b47:l5c9b48
    XTree: </mnt/home/jun/.share/projects/ocamlspot/tests/issue15.ml:l5c8b47:l5c9b48>
    Type: t
    find_path type:T__1010 in { t__G; x__1011 }
    Value=ERROR(type:T__1010 not found in { t__G; x__1011 })
    Error: type:T__1010 not found in { t__G; x__1011 }

    Indicates alias_of_include' lacks constructor information.

  2. camlspotter reporter

    I think this is now fixed in 24bedae0a173 ... but the fix is really dirty workaround. We must refactor the source so that the constructor and label names are properly handled. Currently their ids are faked as type names.

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