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%opam install spotinstall
%opam install ocamlspot

The rest of steps are not clear for the first time users. some friendly readme will be appreciated. ocamlspot.el also not very handy for new users

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  1. Jun Furuse repo owner

    The document written in ocamlspot.el is very typical Elisp installation and usage. If you have difficulties to follow it, you need to consult general Emacs info how to install and configure elisps: how to add things to your dot_emacs file, how to configure a package, how to set mode hooks, and so on. There are lots of such documents in the net.

    OCamlSpotter and SpotInstall both have README.rst files. Please read them. How to use spotinstall is documented already well. However, how to invoke spotinstall in your building environment for automatic binary annotation file installation is NOT documented, since it is your problem. For example, if you use opam and you want install bin annot files of opam packages with spotinstall, learn how opam works: where it expands source files and build them and so on.

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