Configurable custom search dirs for .cmt files

Issue #28 resolved
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It should be possible to use ocamlspot with any build system, a generic way to specify where to find the .cmt files would be awesome.

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  1. camlspotter repo owner has a bug of browsing ocamlbuild related files. Try the branch

    If your build system is not ocamlbuild, please explain more details what you want, please.

  2. Vincent reporter

    I’m using obuild : git://

    In general, I want to be able to fine-tune ocamlspot configuration. I want to be able to put a config file in the directory where are the sources, in which I put the path of the compiled objects, and that ocamlspot understands that it has to find the sources in this directory.

    Thanks you very much!

  3. camlspotter repo owner

    I put back .ocamlspot file to set custom build dirs.

    An example is at tests/dot_ocamlspot/.ocamlspot . Basically it does the same thing for the built in rule for ocamlbuild's _build dir. If your build dir is <dir>, write build_dir=<dir> in .ocamlspot file.

    This feature is never well tested unless the users try and report me their problems, since I do not use custom build dirs.

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