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Mark Christiaens
created an issue

I have a project built using ocamlbuild. Its build results are in a separate build directory. I wanted to point ocamlspot to the build directory (to fetch the cmt files). I made a .ocamlspot file in the source directory. As a test, I invoke ocamlspot.opt (from that source directory) and I look at the strace results. I see that the .ocamlspot file is not accessed in any way.

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  1. camlspotter repo owner

    How did you strace the command? The .ocamlspot file is only scanned when ocamlspot tries to find modules out of the search criteria.

    There is a test at tests/dot_ocamlspot. You can see how it works typing make in the directory. Personally I do not use .ocamlspot file so the test is really small. If you find anything wrong with .ocamlspot file please file a reproducible example so that I can invesitgate.

  2. Mark Christiaens reporter
    > pwd
    > cat .ocamlspot 
    > ls ../../build/debug/ocaml/dss_exe_unittest/AXM/AXM.cmt
    > ~/tmp/ocamlspot/ocamlspot query AXM/AXM.ml:l1c1
    Error: cmt file not found: AXM/AXM.cmt
    > strace -o out.txt ~/tmp/ocamlspot/ocamlspot query AXM/AXM.ml:l1c1
    Error: cmt file not found: AXM/AXM.cmt

    out.txt does not refer to .ocamlspot.

  3. Mark Christiaens reporter

    Hmm, there may be some version confusion in play here.

    I notice that the test you mention is not present on the branch I'm on.

    > ocaml -version
    The OCaml toplevel, version 4.00.1

    I tried again with this branch (corresponding to the compiler version)

    > hg branch

    But that test is present on the default branch. Could it be that the .ocamlspot functionality hasn't been ported?

    I tried compiling the default branch but I got:

    ocamlc -annot -bin-annot -w A-4-9-40-42-44 -warn-error A-4-9-32-33-34-40-42-44  -g -I +compiler-libs -I +unix -c ttfold.ml
    File "ttfold.ml", line 42, characters 10-49:
    Error: The constructor Tpat_construct expects 5 argument(s),
           but is applied here to 4 argument(s)
    make: *** [ttfold.cmo] Error 2
  4. camlspotter repo owner

    I quickly investigated the status of .ocamlspot, from newer to older:

    • a86331a0cf32 (current default, for 4.01.0 compiler): works
    • branch works
    • 692bfa31178e: works
    • branch tests/dot_ocamlspot dir missing. I copied the test from default and used it. Result: failed

    Conclusion: the fix is introduced after

  5. camlspotter repo owner

    I created a branch (not be confused with which should include the fix. Sorry for my confusion and your inconvenience.

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