Mingw32 ocamlspot build problem and hang

Issue #40 resolved
Jun Furuse
repo owner created an issue

Two issues so far

  • Building test cmts fails
  • ocamlspot hangs wasting lots of memory

Comments (4)

  1. Jun Furuse reporter

    test cmt build failure was since OCAMLLIB variable was set empty in tests/Makefile. Since I used Wodi, OCAMLLIB must points to its installation library directory.

    This is already fixed in branch.

  2. Jun Furuse reporter

    The hang is caused by a typical Unix biased programming. ocamlspot tries to find .ocamlspot file or _build directory from the current directory towards the root, and it used "/" is the end of the search. Of course this does not work in Mingw (Win32) and it went into an infinite loop.

    I rewrote filepath.ml in branch so that it can handle the three arches Unix/Win32/Cygwin. The unix part is tested well but Win32/Cygwin require more tests.

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