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Issue #41 resolved

Assertion failure with cmts from a compilation error

repo owner created an issue

tests/cannot_build/test.sh reveals the problem:

File "hogekura.ml", line 5, characters 11-12:
Error: This expression has type int but an expression was expected of type
anonargs = [hogekura.ml:l4c6]
ocamlspot hogekura.ml:l4c6
cwd: /mnt/home/jun/.share/projects/ocamlspot/tests/cannot_build
load /mnt/home/jun/.share/projects/ocamlspot/tests/cannot_build/hogekura.cmt
cmt loading from /mnt/home/jun/.share/projects/ocamlspot/tests/cannot_build/hogekura.cmt
Warning: this file is made from compilation with errors
Aiee File "spot.ml", line 1377, characters 17-23: Assertion failed
Uncaught exception: File "spot.ml", line 1377, characters 17-23: Assertion failed
Raised at file "spot.ml", line 1402, characters 14-15
Called from file "utils.ml", line 193, characters 8-11
Re-raised at file "utils.ml", line 195, characters 10-13
Called from file "spot.ml", line 1417, characters 26-41
Called from file "spotfile.ml", line 72, characters 36-63
Called from file "spotfile.ml", line 82, characters 19-37
Called from file "utils.ml", line 366, characters 16-19
Called from file "ocamlspot.ml", line 250, characters 15-24
Called from file "ocamlspot.ml", line 268, characters 8-23


It seems to be a simple not-yet-implemented thing around cmt files with compilation errors.

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