Fails on Printf

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Oh Man
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$ ocaml -version The OCaml toplevel, version 4.00.0

./ocamlspot /home/foo/ocamlspot/
Pathreparse: not supported: Printf.sprintf (File "", line 42, characters 2 Use: Value, Printf0.sprintf4 Type: (string -> string -> string, unit, string) format -> string -> string -> string XType: (string -> string -> string, unit, string) formatG -> string -> string -> string At: Expr Tree: l25c2b1039:l25c16b1053 XTree: </home/foo/ocamlspot/> In_module: Printf.cmt load failed. Try to load Printf.cmti LOAD FAILURE Printf0: Failure("cmt file not found: Printf.cmt\ncmt file not fo Error: cmt file not found: Printf.cmt cmt file not found: Printf.cmti BYE!

I got the 4.0 branch, like you documented. I had expected a non-failure response. Perhaps this is an intended result, but then I would like to know how how to compile OCaml such that it works according to how you designed it.

This was the simplest possible test I could think of and it didn't work, so I am marking it blocker.

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  1. Jun Furuse repo owner

    This is since you have no cmt files for your OCaml compiler standard library. To spotting definitions of stdlib modules, you need recompile the library with -bin-annot option, then install cmt files along with cmi files. This is a documentation issue rather than a code bug. I try to clarify this point in the doc.

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