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Issue #7 wontfix

Fully automatic install of Ocamlspotter

Oh Man
created an issue

Currently this project is split into multiple subprojects, which is perhaps nice from a software engineering point of view, but inconvenient for someone who just wants to use it to see whether it works.

This is thus a feature request for a script/program called: installOCamlSpotter which does everything required to make ocamlspot work and at the end of the installation it prints a command line showing an example use of ocamlspot which it has already done behind the scenes such that it doesn't show examples to the user that do not work.

Perhaps this feature even requires installing a new OCaml compiler, but then so be it, as long as the user doesn't need to do this manually and as long as this is mentioned somewhere.

The rationale behind this is that ocamlspotter is supposed to save time, but if installation takes hours and expert knowledge, then this obviously is not the case and hence voids the very reason of existence of ocamlspot.

Comments (3)

  1. camlspotter repo owner

    Software installation from the source is very subtle process and I cannot provide any working simple build script which works for all the non experts. OCamlSpotter and its tools depend on many things. OCaml compiler, findlib, omake and so on. For example, OCaml compiler itself has never provided such an easy-to-install-script. So please do not expect such a thing for OCamlSpotter.

    Still... I have put an installation script under tools. It just does not work. Do not use it. Do not blame me if you get any harm from it.

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