ocamlspot / tests / random_performance.pl


open(IN, "ls ../*.ml ../*.mli |");
    my $cmt = $_;
    $cmt =~ s/\.ml/.cmt/;
    if( -f $cmt ){
	@cands = ($_, @cands);

sub rand_cand {
    return $cands[int(rand($#cands+1))];

sub rand_pos {
    my $cand = $_[0];
    my @st = stat($cand);
    return int(rand($st[7]));

for ($i = 0; $i< 100; $i++){
    my $cand = rand_cand();
    my $pos = rand_pos($cand);

    $log = `../ocamlspot.opt $cand:b$pos 2>&1`;
    if( $log =~ /^Error: nothing at .*\nBYE!/ ){
    print "------\n$cand:b$pos\n";
    print $log;
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