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File camljava-0.3/README.Changes

+This camljava-0.3 is based on 
+- the original camljava-0.3 by Xavier Leroy,
+- with patches foudn at (also available Ubuntu source package of camljava-0.3)
+with the following modifications by
+- Small modifications for ocamlfind installation
+- Makefile directory tweak for my own environment

File ojacare/Makefile.config

 # Adjust to where you want to install O'Jacare
 PREFIX = /usr/local
-# switches for camljava is supplied by ocamlfind
+LIBDIR = $(shell ocamlfind printconf destdir)/ojacare

File ojacare/README.Changes

+This O'Jacare is based on the original version found at,
+with the following modifications by
+- Port to the new CamlP4 (>= 3.10)
+- Use of ocamlfind to compile with camljava

File ojacare/src/jnihelpers/META

+description="An object-oriented interface between O'Caml and Java"
+linkopts = ""

File ojacare/src/jnihelpers/Makefile

 	$(OCAMLOPT) -a -o $(LIB).cmxa $(CMX_OBJS)
-	test -d $(LIBDIR) || mkdir $(LIBDIR)
-	cp jnihelpers.cma jnihelpers.cmxa jnihelpers.a $(LIBDIR)
-	cp jniArray.cmi jniHierarchy.cmi $(LIBDIR)
-	cp jniHierarchy.mli $(LIBDIR)
-	ranlib $(LIBDIR)/jnihelpers.a
+	ocamlfind install ojacare META jnihelpers.cma jnihelpers.cmxa jnihelpers.a jniArray.cmi jniHierarchy.cmi jniHierarchy.mli
 # R�gles g�n�rales
 .SUFFIXES: .ml .mli .cmo .cmi .cmx