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 OCAMLMKTOP = ocamlmktop
 OJACARE = ojacare
-OJACAREDIR = $(shell $(OCAMLC) -where)/ojacare
+OJACAREDIR = $(shell ocamlfind printconf destdir)/ojacare
-CAMLJAVADIR = $(shell $(OCAMLC) -where)/camljava
+CAMLJAVADIR = $(shell ocamlfind printconf destdir)/camljava


 # Liste des classes Java ayant l'attribut callback 
 CBCLASS   = mypack/ColoredPoint
-include $(OJACAREDIR)/Makefile.include
+include $(OJACAREDIR)/Makefile.include


 ### Adjust to your installation
-# OCAMLC      = ocamlc
-# OCAMLOPT    = ocamlopt.opt 
+OCAMLC      = ocamlfind ocamlc
+OCAMLOPT    = ocamlfind ocamlopt
 # OCAMLMKLIB  = ocamlmklib
 # OCAMLLEX    = ocamllex
 # OCAMLYACC   = ocamlyacc
 # OCAMLDEP    = ocamldep 
-# OCAMLMKTOP  = ocamlmktop
+OCAMLMKTOP  = ocamlfind ocamlmktop
 # OJACARE     = ojacare
 # OJACAREDIR  = $(shell $(OCAMLC) -where)/ojacare
 include $(CAMLJAVADIR)/Makefile.config
+PACKAGES      = -package camljava,ojacare
 CMI_OBJS      = $(addsuffix .cmi, $(IDL))
 CMO_OBJS      = $(addsuffix .cmo, $(IDL)) $(addsuffix .cmo, $(MODULES))
 CMX_OBJS      = $(addsuffix .cmx, $(IDL)) $(addsuffix .cmx, $(MODULES))
-CMA_OBJS      = jni.cma jnihelpers.cma $(addsuffix .cma, $(LIBRARIES)) 
-CMXA_OBJS     = jni.cmxa jnihelpers.cmxa $(addsuffix .cmxa, $(LIBRARIES))
+CMA_OBJS      = $(addsuffix .cma, $(LIBRARIES)) 
+CMXA_OBJS     = $(addsuffix .cmxa, $(LIBRARIES))
 CLASS_FILES   = $(addsuffix .class, $(CLASS))
 CBCLASS_FILES = $(addsuffix .class,$(addprefix callback/,$(CBCLASS)))
 IDL_FILES     = $(addsuffix .idl, $(IDL))
-LINK_OPTS = $(addprefix -ccopt -L, $(CLIBDIRS)) \
+INCLUDES  = $(PACKAGES) $(addprefix -I , $(MLINCDIRS))
+LINK_OPTS = -linkpkg $(addprefix -ccopt -L, $(CLIBDIRS)) \
 	    $(addprefix -cclib -l, $(CLIBS))
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