olfend /

let split_at_dot s =
    let pos = String.index s '.' in
    let prefix = String.sub s 0 pos in
    let postfix = String.sub s (pos+1) (String.length s - pos - 1) in
    try ignore (String.index postfix '.'); assert false with Not_found ->
      [ prefix;  postfix ]
  | Not_found -> [ s ]

let load_via_sexp of_sexp ic = of_sexp (Sexplib.Sexp.input_sexp ic)
let save_via_sexp sexp_of oc v = Sexplib.Sexp.output_mach oc (sexp_of v)
let save_via_hum_sexp sexp_of oc v = Sexplib.Sexp.output_hum oc (sexp_of v)

let load_file load_channel path =
  let ic = open_in path in
  let res = load_channel ic in
  close_in ic;

let save_file save_channel path v =
  let oc = open_out_bin path in
  save_channel oc v;
  close_out oc

let load_file_via_sexp c = load_file (load_via_sexp c)
(* let save_file_via_sexp c = save_file (save_via_sexp c) *)
let save_file_via_hum_sexp c = save_file (save_via_hum_sexp c)
let save_file_via_sexp = save_file_via_hum_sexp

let save_list_file_via_hum_sexp c path vs = 
  let oc = open_out_bin path in
  List.iter (fun v -> 
    save_via_hum_sexp c oc v;
    output_string oc "\n") vs;
  close_out oc

module Digest = struct
  include Digest
  open Sexplib.Conv
  let sexp_of_t = sexp_of_string
  let t_of_sexp = string_of_sexp
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