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+ORakuda, Perlish string literals in OCaml
+ORakuda is a small library, CamlP4 extensions and an optional tiny
+patch to CamlP4 which provides a handy way to write OCaml scripts a la
+Perl (or other scripting language). It provides syntax like:
+* PCRE expression and matching of Perl like syntax $/.../ or <:m<...>>
+* Variable and expression references in string $"..." or <:qq<...>>
+* Sub-shell call by back-quotes $`...` or <:qx<...>>
+* Easy hashtbl access tbl${key}

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+depends: ["ocamlfind" "omake" "spotlib" {>="2.0.0"} "pcre-ocaml" ]
+ocaml-version: [>= "4.0.0"]