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         $"Your are ${name} and %{age}02d years old."
-* Sub-shell call by back-quotes ``$`...``:: 
+* Sub-shell call by back-quotes ``$`...``: 
         let status = $`wc` ~f:handle_output in ...
-* Easy hashtbl access `tbl${key}`:: 
+* Easy hashtbl access `tbl${key}`:
     tbl${key} <- value for Hashtbl.replace tbl key value.
   then compile+install the compiler. The patch should work for upto 4.00.0
   with trivial fixes.
-* build the library and pa_* extensions: ``yes no | omake`` + ``omake install``
+* build the library and pa_* extensions: ``cp yes no | omake`` + ``omake install``
 * ``omake top_test`` launches a toplevel with the extension


-(* DO NOT EDIT (digest: 71ed6fbc5cbd331a1966a5c7947392d5) *)
-This is the README file for the orakuda distribution.
-ORakuda, Perlish string literals in OCaml
-See the files INSTALL.txt for building and installation instructions. 
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