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version 6.0.0

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 OASISFormat:  0.2
 Name:         pa_monad_custom
-Version:      6.0
+Version:      6.0.0
 Synopsis:     Syntactic Sugar for Monads with small extesions
 Authors:      Jacques Carette, <carette AT mcmaster DOT ca>,
               Lydia E. van Dijk, <lvandijk AT freenet DOT de>,
 (* generated for the first time by OASIS v0.2.0 *)
-(* DO NOT EDIT (digest: d3b3ce50f697761f7905325e14911c25) *)
+(* DO NOT EDIT (digest: 4678db459136a257d1aa6a66c8c00419) *)
    Regenerated by OASIS v0.2.0
    Visit for more information and
           ocaml_version = None;
           findlib_version = None;
           name = "pa_monad_custom";
-          version = "6.0";
+          version = "6.0.0";
           license =
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