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         (make_class_eq ~virt params <:ident<$lid:name$>> the_clexpr
          :: (fun n ->
            make_class_eq ~virt params <:ident<$lid:n$>>
-           <:class_expr< $lid:name$ >>) names
+             (CeCon (_loc, ViNil, <:ident<$lid:name$>>, tyCom_of_list params))) names
 module Visitor = struct


 with ofold
 class o' = object (self:'self)
-  inherit [int] ofold
+  inherit [int] ofold_ts
   method int st n = st + n
   method list = fun fa -> List.fold_left (fun st x -> fa st x) 
   method unit (st : int) () = st
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