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auto update of OMyMakefile

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 #|Additional implicit rules by file extensions
 # annot, cmt, cmti files
 %.annot %.cmt: %.cmi
-	$(OCamlC) -c -annot -bin-annot $<
+	$(OCamlC) -c -annot $(OCAMLANNOTFLAGS) $<
 %.cmti: %.mli 
-	$(OCamlC) -c -bin-annot $<
+	$(OCamlC) -c $(OCAMLANNOTFLAGS) $<
 #|Define OCAML_ANNOT so that ocamlc/ocamlopt automatically create annot/cmt/cmti files, even without -annot/-bin-annot option. This requires a special compiler patch 
 setenv(OCAML_ANNOT, 1)
          $(BYTE_TARGETS): $(BYTE_DEPS)
-                $(OCAMLCFLAGS) $(OCAML_LIB_FLAGS) -pack -bin-annot -o $(CMO) $(OCamlLinkSort $(CMOFILES))
+                $(OCAMLCFLAGS) $(OCAML_LIB_FLAGS) -pack $(OCAMLANNOTFLAGS) -o $(CMO) $(OCamlLinkSort $(CMOFILES))
    protected.NATIVE_DEPS = $(CMXFILES) $(OFILES)
-                $(OCAMLOPTFLAGS) $(OCAML_LIB_FLAGS) -pack -bin-annot -o $(CMX) $(OCamlLinkSort $(CMXFILES))
+                $(OCAMLOPTFLAGS) $(OCAML_LIB_FLAGS) -pack $(OCAMLANNOTFLAGS) -o $(CMX) $(OCamlLinkSort $(CMXFILES))
       section rule
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