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pure test

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 OCAMLFLAGS    += -annot -w Ae


       time_orig time_planck
-  Arg.parse [] (fun path ->
+  let with_orig = ref false in
+  Arg.parse ["-compare", Arg.Set with_orig, " profiling with the original" ] (fun path ->
     let ic = open_in path in
     let stream = Input.Stream.from_chan ~filename:path ic in
     let token_stream = Lex.ocaml_token_stream stream in
     Format.eprintf "%s@." path;
-    let (), time_orig = with_time parse_orig path in
+    let (), time_orig = 
+      if !with_orig then with_time parse_orig path  else (), 0.0
+    in
     let (), time_planck = with_time parse token_stream in
     time_sum_orig := !time_sum_orig +. time_orig;
     time_sum_planck := !time_sum_planck +. time_planck;
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