Issue #1 resolved

planck fails to compile on ocaml 4.00.1

Anil Madhavapeddy
created an issue

This is in the OPAM Jenkins regression tests (clean installation with no other packages than opam install planck

*** omake: reading OMakefiles
File OMyMakefile: line 598, characters 2-21:
   Warning: old-style foreach expression.
   This expression should use a => binding.
--- Checking for ocamlfind... (found /x/pkg_opro_remote_all4/compiler_system4-packages_planck/system/bin/ocamlfind)
--- Checking for ocamlc.opt... (found /x/ocaml-4.00.1/bin/ocamlc.opt)
--- Checking for ocamlopt.opt... (found /x/ocaml-4.00.1/bin/ocamlopt.opt)
--- Checking whether ocamlc understands the "z" warnings... (yes)
*** omake: finished reading OMakefiles (0.11 sec)
--- Checking if ocamldep understands -modules... (yes)
*** omake: warning: stdout is not a tty, disabling the progress bar
   (use --progress to override).
- build lib sstring.cmo
+ ocamlfind ocamlc -for-pack Planck -package sexplib,spotlib -annot -w A-4-9-32 -g -syntax camlp4o -package sexplib.syntax -ppopt ../pa_bind_inline/pa_bind_inline.cmo -I . -c
findlib: [WARNING] Interface stream.cmi occurs in several directories: ., /x/ocaml-4.00.1/lib/ocaml
File "", line 4, characters 8-19:
Error: Unbound module Stream.Make
*** omake: 119/184 targets are up to date
*** omake: failed (23.50 sec, 22/22 scans, 26/51 rules, 88/260 digests)
*** omake: targets were not rebuilt because of errors:
      depends on: lib/
E: Failure("Command 'yes no | omake --install; PREFIX=/x/pkg_opro_remote_all4/compiler_system4-packages_planck/system omake' terminated with error code 2")
The compilation of planck.2.0.1 failed.
Uninstalling planck.2.0.1:
  ocaml -uninstall
*** omake: reading OMakefiles
*** omake: finished reading OMakefiles (0.10 sec)
- build lib <uninstall>
+ ocamlfind remove planck
ocamlfind: [WARNING] No such directory: /x/pkg_opro_remote_all4/compiler_system4-packages_planck/system/lib/planck
*** omake: done (0.13 sec, 0/0 scans, 1/1 rules, 0/75 digests)

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  1. camlspotter repo owner

    Thanks, it is because the newest spotlib release is not compatible with the release of planck. I am going to fix the opam file of planck.

    BTW, this Jenkins automatic build test is great. Are there publicly available test results? I want to test my packages but I have no time to prepare the environment...


  2. Anil Madhavapeddy reporter

    (Reply via

    thanks! we're working on a publically accessible test system at the moment. More details shortly (Jenkins is unfortunately unsuitable to expose directly)


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