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File _oasis

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 OASISFormat: 0.2
 Name:        spotlib
-Version:     2.3.1
+Version:     2.4.0
 Synopsis:    Useful functions for OCaml programming used by @camlspotter
 Authors:     Jun FURUSE
 License:     LGPL-2.0 with OCaml linking exception

File lib/META

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 description="Spotter's garbages"

File opam/spotlib.2.4.0/descr

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+Useful functions for OCaml programming used by @camlspotter
+Spotlib is a small library package used for several softwares by Jun Furuse.
+It is almost a poor replication of Jane Street Core, but it is small.

File opam/spotlib.2.4.0/opam

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+opam-version: "1"
+maintainer: "jun.furuse@gmail.com"
+build: [
+  ["ocaml" "setup.ml" "-configure" "--prefix" "%{prefix}%"]
+  ["ocaml" "setup.ml" "-build"]
+  ["ocaml" "setup.ml" "-install"]
+remove: [
+  ["ocaml" "setup.ml" "-uninstall"]
+ocaml-version: [>= "4.01.0"]
+depends: ["ocamlfind" "omake" "pa_ounit" {>="109.53.02"}]

File opam/spotlib.2.4.0/url

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+archive: "https://bitbucket.org/camlspotter/spotlib/get/2.4.0.tar.gz"

File opam/template/opam

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-ocaml-version: [>= "4.0.1"]
-depends: ["ocamlfind" "omake" "pa_ounit" {>="109.18.00"}]
+ocaml-version: [>= "4.01.0"]
+depends: ["ocamlfind" "omake" "pa_ounit" {>="109.53.02"}]