spotlib / Changes.txt

2.1.2 (Not yet)

- Added String.split
- Added Monad.fmap2 and Monad.liftM2
- Added scan*_left functions
- Added Dllist for doubly linked list


- String.make1 added
- (%!) (= Printf.sprintf) is added
- ( ** ) is overridden and now a functional composition
- Older functional compositions (^.) (&.) (@@) are removed.
- Added Result.
- Added Option.catch and Result.catch (and catch_exn)
- Added Base.with_final


- Generic Monad is added
- Monad.ignore is deprecated and removed
- Mtypes for {Print, Compar, Hash}able is added
- Stream is enhanced (ported from Planck)
- Hashtbl.{memoize, find_default}
- chop_newline and split_by_newline are available in Base
- StringSet and StringInt are available in Base
- Simple memoization for Base.memoize added


- Seq is now obsolete. Use Stream.
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