spotlib / lib /

include Base

module Monad_intf = Monad_intf
module Monad      = Monad

module Option     = Option
include Option.Pervasives

module Weaktbl    = Weaktbl
(* module Phantom    = Phantom *)
module Hashset    = Hashset
module File       = File
module Comopt     = Comopt
module Overload   = Overload
module Mtypes     = Mtypes
module Stream     = SpotStream
module Result     = Result
include Result.Pervasives

module Tuple      = Tuple
include Tuple.Pervasives

module Exn        = Exn
include Exn

module Temporal = Temporal
module Year = Temporal.Year
module Date = Temporal.Date
module Time = Temporal.Time
module Datetime = Temporal.Datetime

module List = struct
  include List
  include Xlist

module Array = struct
  include Array
  include Xarray

module Format = struct
  include Format
  include Xformat

module Hashtbl = struct
  include Hashtbl
  include Xhashtbl

module String = struct
  include String
  include Xstring
include Xstring.Pervasives

module Lazy = struct
  include Lazy
  include Xlazy

module Filename = struct
  include Filename
  include Xfilename
include Xfilename.Pervasives

module Unix = struct
  include Unix
  include Xunix

module Printf = struct
  include Printf
  include Xprintf

module Sys = struct
  include Sys
  include Xsys

module Set = Xset
module StringSet = Set.Make(String)
module IntSet = Set.Make(struct
  type t = int
  let compare (x:int) y = compare x y

module Int64 = struct
  include Int64
  include Xint64

module Printexc = struct
  include Printexc
  include Xprintexc

module URL = URL

module Gc = struct
  include Gc
  include Xgc

module UniqueID = UniqueID
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