FireSql a mysql firewall

The main goal of FireSql is to provide firewall services for mysql/mariadb databases by using regular expressions and other rules.

FireSql system is based on c++11 and boost and have been tested on Linux platforms and Freebsd.

Using FireSql

To use FireSql just execute the binary firesql:

luis@luis-xps:~/tmp$ ./firesql 
FireSql 0.0.1
Error: missing required option config
Mandatory arguments:
  -c [ --config ] arg   set the configure file  of the proxy.

Optional arguments:
  -D [ --daemon ]       Daemonize the process.
  --help                show help
  -v [ --version ]      show version string

Compile FireSql

$ git clone https://bitbucket.com/camp0/firesql
$ ./autogen.sh
$ ./configure
$ make

Configure FireSql

The configuration file have the following sections:

proxy_address=<local address of the proxy>
proxy_port=<local port of the proxy>

database_address =<remote address of the mysql database> 
database_port =<remote port of the mysql database>

# The rule files only contains regex of queries
# The evaluation of the rules is linear, so order matters.

Contributing to FireSql

FireSql is under the terms of GPLv2 and is under develop.

Check out the FireSql source with

$ git clone git://github.com/camp0/firesql

For make donations use the following bitcoin address