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Press ´p´ to pause

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 (def racquet-left-state (atom {:up false :down false}))
 (def racquet-right-state (atom {:up false :down false}))
+(def *paused* 0)
+(def *running* 1)
+(def game-state (atom *paused*))
 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Colision checking ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
 (defn colision-top?
       ; Exits when 'q' is pressed
       \q (System/exit 0)
+      \p (reset! game-state (if (= @game-state *paused*) *running* *paused*))
       ; Pressing 'a' or 'z' updates the left racquet state
       \a (swap-key racquet-left-state {:up true})
       \z (swap-key racquet-left-state {:down true})
       :player-right-score 0
       :racquet-left-pos 400
       :racquet-right-pos 400
+      :state *paused*
       :window-width width
       :window-height height
         (recur (System/currentTimeMillis)
-               (update-game game step)
+               (if (= @game-state *running*) (update-game game step) game)
                (if new-fps? frame-counter fps)
                (if new-fps? 0 (inc frame-counter))
                (if new-fps? 0 (+ one-second step)))))))