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About the plugin

Changes and versions

Version 1.6, released Sep 03 2015

Added new dropbox command (comment), fixed public file sharing.

Version 1.4, released Jul 18 2013

In this version one bug in folder context menu has been resolved. Now this menu is displayed properly with all items that dropbox provides.

Version 1.3, released Jul 7 2013

Since this version it's not possible to generate links to albums, modern Dropbox versions could generate "album" for literally any folder inside your Dropbox account, so use context menu option "Share folder and copy link".

Also starting with version 1.3 plugin doesn't require web browser to generate "shared" link, it's copied to clipboard just after you select "Share folder/file and copy link" option in the context menu.

Important notice

This plugin does not include Dropbox client itself, it's just a plugin for Dolphin File Manager.

Also pay attention that plugin usually is working correctly only with the recent versions of dropbox applications, so very old version won't work properly.

You have to install Dropbox application separately: either by downloading archive and unpacking to some directory or by using installation package provided for your system. For example, for Debian you may want to install package nautilus-dropbox, it will automatically download and install Dropbox application.

How to use

You need Dolphin installed, of course. Then just install dolphin-dropbox-plugin, open Dolphin, go to menu SettingsConfigure Dolphin..., then go to page Services and turn on checkbox Dropbox in the services list (usually it's enabled by default).

After that you'll get context menu for files and folders in Dropbox directory. Plugin provides basic dropbox services:

  • generating link to file from directory Public;
  • generating link to any file or folder from Dropbox folder (so called “shareable link”);
  • viewing file modifications history;
  • and some more less important feautures.

Development notes

To compile project you first need to install kde development packages:

sudo apt-get install kdelibs5-dev cmake


mkdir build
cd build

How to build debian package:

sh _deb

After that you'll find just built package in the directory _deb.