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About plugin

Important notice

This plugin does not include Dropbox client itself, it's just a plugin for Dolphin File Manager.

You have to install Dropbox application separately: either by downloading archive and unpacking to some directory or by using installation package provided for your system. For example, for Debian you may want to install package nautilus-dropbox, it will automatically download and install Dropbox application.

How to use

You need Dolphin installed, of course. Then just install dolphin-dropbox-plugin, open Dolphin, go to menu SettingsConfigure Dolphin..., then go to page Services and turn on checkbox Dropbox in the services list (usually it's enabled by default).

After that you'll get context menu for files and folders in Dropbox directory. Plugin provides basic dropbox services:

  • generating link to file from directory Public;
  • sharing folders;
  • generating link to any file from Dropbox folder (so called “shareable link”);
  • generating link to photo album;
  • viewing file modifications history;
  • and some more less important feautures.