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Update CHANGELOG for 1.3.0

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+Changes in v1.3.0 since v1.2.2:
+ * Avoid issuing dire warning when closing only one head of default branch
+ * Some new preferences and adjustments to prefs layout (Sam Izzo)
+ * Some new keyboard shortcuts (Sam Izzo)
+ * Add "Show in Explorer" to context menu (platform-dependent) (Sam Izzo)
+ * Avoid reseeking history to bottom on closing a branch (Felipe Pozo)
+ * Add optional limit to number of items in graph (Mikel Fernandez)
+ * Use HKMU registry option for smoother install on Windows multi-user setup
+ * Fix toolbar layout when building with Qt 4.8
 Changes in v1.2.2 since v1.2.1:
  * Fix failure to provide IV arg to AES CBC constructor in PyCrypto