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Windows installer improvements

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The installer (EasyMercurial-1.3.0-Setup.msi) terminates so quickly that I thought it was not even installed.

I suggest to add a confirmation of the right installation.

And it could ask the install directory and the shortcuts directory too.

Thank you.

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  1. Chris Cannam repo owner

    Ah, I saw the original report and I was going to ask "are you sure it has actually failed?" but I see you have already edited it!

    I agree, this is a deficiency -- although it's good that it at least supports unattended installs. I don't actually know how to add a success dialog to a WiX installer, though obviously it must be possible. If you (or another reader) should happen to know, I'd appreciate any hints.

  2. recodeur reporter

    Thank you for your reply. Yes, I saw my mistake a few minutes after having written my message.

    Sorry, I have no clue about WiX, I don't know it.

    Le 19/03/2013 02:43, Chris Cannam a écrit :

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