Kinome Tools and Components

This repository contains source code to the kinome Java component and related tools. A quick on-line demo of one of the tools is available here. To run this tool from source, you'll need Apache Ant.
ant kinome
A more customizable viewer is also available. To build the viewer, use the ant task viewer, i.e.,
ant viewer
This tools accepts CSV format of the form:
Compound 1,CLK1,10
Compound 1,CLK2,10
Compound 1,CLK4,10
Compound 1,CSNK1E,30
Compound 1,DYRK1A,10
Compound 1,MAP3K1,30
Compound 1,PRKCE,10
Compound 2,aak1,30
Compound 2,bike,10
Compound 2,clk1,30
Compound 2,clk2,10
Compound 2,clk4,30
Compound 2,dyrk1a,10
Compound 2,gak,30
Compound 2,lats1,30
Compound 2,pim1,30
Compound 2,pip5k1a,30
Compound 2,pip4k2b,30
Compound 2,riok3,30
Compound 2,srpk3,30
Here are a few screenshots of the tool: wizard1 wizard2 viewer Please forward questions and/or comments about the code and/or tools to


The original kinome dendrogram is available here.


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