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updated bug 24's number

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   dir  = "test_#{rand(1000)}"
   repo = nil # scoping
-  b.number 23
+  b.number 24
   b.desc   "Unable to change branches"


-                STDERR.puts [path, Stores.hybrid_encode(path)].inspect
       , mode, &block)
               rescue Errno::ENOENT


       # Loads a block of data into the cache. 
       def load_cache(data_file, start, cache_length)
-        STDERR.p data_file
         if data_file.nil?
           data_file = open(@index_file) if @index.inline?
           data_file = open(@data_file)  unless @index.inline?
           text = @index.cache[2]
           # load the index if we're lazy (base, rev + 1)
-        STDERR.p !(@index.inline?), rev > base + 1
         data_file = open(@data_file) if !(@index.inline?) && rev > base + 1
-        STDERR.p [base, data_file, text]
         text = get_chunk(base, data_file) if text.nil?
         bins = []
         (base + 1).upto(rev) {|r| bins << get_chunk(r, data_file)}
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