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+## StagingArea => Stage
+Committing is a bitch and a half right now, through the API. First you specify
+what you want to have committed in the StagingArea, and then you have to interpret
+that "stage" (if you will) to determine what to commit. WTF?!?!?! Let's cut to the
+chase and try this: Stages (various StagingAreas) can be created based off of a
+bunch of files, and they just separate files into "added", "modified", "deleted",
+etc. (whatever commit wants them to be split into, a Stage will do it). Then, you
+can pass a stage into #commit and it will know everything. If no stage is passed,
+it will use the current stage (currently #staging_area). This way, things only
+have to be specified once.
 # Maintenance
 ## Dependencies