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removed dependency on flog/flay. we don't use them.

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 Ari Brown
-Michael Edgar
+Michael Edgar
   self.need_rdoc = false
-  self.flog_threshold = 50000
   self.summary = "Version Control in Ruby. Mercurial Compatible. Big Ideas."
 remove_task 'test_deps', 'publish_docs', 'post_blog', 
-            'deps:fetch', 'deps:list', 'deps:email', 'flay', 'clean', 'test'
+            'deps:fetch', 'deps:list', 'deps:email', 'flay', 'clean', 'test', 'flog'
 load 'tasks/yard.rake'
 load 'tasks/stats.rake'
-require 'flay'
-require 'flay_task'
-, 400) do |t|
-  t.dirs = %w(lib/amp)
-  t.verbose = true
 desc 'Statistics of Code'
 task :stats do
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