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fixed commit. it was right the way it was before

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     opts.merge! :match => match, :extra => extra
     changes = calculate_dirstate_commit(repo, files, match)
-    opts[:modified], opts[:removed] = changes[:modified], changes[:removed]
+    opts[:modified], opts[:removed] = (changes[:modified] + changes[:added]), changes[:removed]"/log.txt","a") {|f| f.puts "committing: #{opts.inspect} #{args.inspect} #{changes.inspect}\n"}
     repo.commit opts
       changes = {:modified => [], :removed => []}
       # split the files up so we can deal with them appropriately
       files.each do |file|
+        p file, repo.staging_area.file_status(file)
         case repo.staging_area.file_status file
         when :merged, :added
           changes[:modified] << file
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