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Default avatar adgar
Fixed an issue with how repositories were picked. Each repository type was allowed to search upwards, so a .git repo inside a .hg repo would be ignored since the .hg repo would be picked up first. Also added some data for full-repo git tests.
Default avatar adgar
Imported an extension from HighLine that lets us get the terminal size. Nice for output formatting.
Default avatar adgar
Cleaning up Rakefile.
Default avatar adgar
Default avatar adgar
forgot to add tons of files. ooooops.
Default avatar mich...@michael-edgars-macbook-pro.local
Moving localrepo#add to dir_state, per the new api.
Default avatar mich...@michael-edgars-macbook-pro.local
keeping a git repo with the hg one. should be fun.
Default avatar seydar
initial import
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