default path not set correctly after amp clone from https url

Issue #5 resolved
Adam Gardner
created an issue

Note that the default path is a mishmash of a local path and a URL, not a URL alone as it should be.



adam-gardners-imac-g5:~/code/test adam$ amp clone status: destination directory: cellgrid status: requesting all changes status: adding changeset status: adding manifests status: adding file changes status: added 10 changesets with 32 changes to 15 files adam-gardners-imac-g5:~/code/test adam$ cat cellgrid/.hg/hgrc [paths] default = /Users/adam/code/test/https:/ adam-gardners-imac-g5:~/code/test adam$ }}}

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  1. seydar

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    Schweet. I think I know what is causing this off the top of my head, but I'll have to look at the code after I finish my math homework. So, like, tomorrow.

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