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amp / STYLE

The Amp Commandments:
    1. Thou shalt not useth the "for...in" syntax.
    2. Thou shalt useth only but 80 columns, for those who useth the elden
       editors, vim and emacs.
    3. Thou shalt preface thine variables with _ only when thou needest,
       lest ye face judgement for this most grave sin.
    4. Thine variables should have descriptive names, for thine ruby must
       read like the psalms.
    5. Thine variables, longer than 6 letters and composed of two or more
       words, shall separate those words with the lord's underscore, so thine
       code shall flow like the Nile herself.
    6. Thou shalt rake thine yard frequently, to be sure thine code is
       well-documented for thine neighbors.
    7. Thou shalt use alias_method over alias or I shall goeth Chris Brown
       all over thou.
    8. Thou shalt use parentheses in thine defintions of methods, for the
       consistency of the codes in this repository. Sir William Morgan will
       have to change the style of himself, for his is strange yet beautiful
       but still unwanted like a D of the ST kind.
    9. Thine comments shall start, when above thine method definitions, with
       2 (two) hashes, and the information, then, beginning on the line below
       it. Thou shalt leave one blank comment line between thine comment info
       and thine yard information.
    10. Thou shalt make great and grand use of the yard extension. It is good.
    11. Name thine motherfucking variables motherfucking descriptively.
	12. For thine ranges, thou shalt place but 1 space on either side of the