amp / man / amp.1

.Dd January 10, 2010
.Dt amp 1
.Nm amp
.Nd Ruby-based VCS engine
.Op Fl d
.Op Fl verbose
.Op Fl profile
.Op Fl R Ar repo_dir
.Op Fl pure-ruby
.Op Fl testing
.Ar command ...
  Amp is a revolutionary change in how we approach version control systems. Not only does it re-implement
Mercurial's core in Ruby, but re-thinks how we interact with version control. It intends to wrap multiple
VCS systems - git, hg, svn - under the same API, allowing the unique Amp command system to work with all
repositories in the same manner.

  Amp currently implements Mercurial and a large subset of the Mercurial command-set.
.Bl -tag -width "mmmmmmmmmm" -compact
.It Fl verbose
Enables verbose output for the entire Amp process.
.It Fl d
Prings a variety of debug information about the arguments and options passed into amp.
.It Fl profile
Profiles the amp process as it runs the requested command. Deprecated and unwise.
.It Fl R Ar repo_dir
The path to the repository to use
.It Fl pure-ruby
Use only pure ruby (no C-extensions)
.It Fl testing
Running a test. Don't touch this.
.Xr git 1
.Xr hg 1
.Xr ruby 1
.Xr amprc 5
.An "Michael Edgar" Aq
.An "Ari Brown" Aq
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