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Up to level 5 with emerald shield.

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-\hypersetup{pdftitle={Celestine Sideras, Level 4},pdfauthor={Carey Evans}}
+\hypersetup{pdftitle={Celestine Sideras, Level 5},pdfauthor={Carey Evans}}
-\title{Celestine Sideras, Level 4}
+\title{Celestine Sideras, Level 5}
 \author{Carey Evans}
 \subsection{Hit Points}
 \begin{tabular}{l r}
-Max HP         & 38 \\
-Bloodied       & 19 \\
-Surge value    &  9 \\
+Max HP         & 43 \\
+Bloodied       & 21 \\
+Surge value    & 10 \\
 Surges per day &  8 \\
 ends its next turn adjacent to you, it takes radiant damage equal to your
 Dexterity modifier.}
 \powerpar{Special}{You can use this power as a melee basic attack.}
-\calculated{Sword of the White Well}{+11 vs.\ Reflex; \textsc{1d12+9}
+\calculated{Sword of the White Well}{+11 vs.\ Reflex; \textsc{1d12+11}
 radiant damage; 3 radiant damage when adjacent.}
 \hit{\textsc{1d10} + Charisma modifier force damage.}
 \powerpar{Special}{You can use this power as a ranged basic attack.}
-\calculated{Rod Implement}{+9 vs.\ Reflex; \textsc{1d10+9} force
+\calculated{Rod Implement}{+9 vs.\ Reflex; \textsc{1d10+11} force
 \hit{\textsc{2[w]} + Charisma modifier radiant damage.}
 \effect{You activate an aura 1 that lasts until the end of your next turn.
 While in aura, your enemies have vulnerable 3 radiant to your attacks.}
-\calculated{Sword of the White Well}{+11 vs.\ AC; \textsc{2d12+9}
+\calculated{Sword of the White Well}{+11 vs.\ AC; \textsc{2d12+11}
 radiant damage.}
 \miss{Half damage.}
 \effect{You gain a +2 power bonus to AC and Fortitude until the end of the
-\calculated{Rod Implement}{+9 vs.\ Fortitude; \textsc{2d6+9} cold damage.}
+\calculated{Rod Implement}{+9 vs.\ Fortitude; \textsc{2d6+11} cold damage.}
 \action{Standard Action}{\melee1}
 \effect{You conjure a tiny, invisible spirit from the Feywild to aid you. The
 conjuration lasts until you dismiss it or it completes its task, which can take
-no longer than an hour.}
+no longer than an hour. You command the sprite to attempt on of the following
+tasks: locate an object or a person with 8 kilometres that you have seen or
+touched; or explore an area up to 30 metres on a side that it can reach,
+describing obvious physical features.}
+\daily{Emerald Shield}{Warlock Attack 5}
+\flavour{Your magic brings forth a shield that is a mixture of green quartz and
+scintillating energy.}
+\action{Minor Action}{\textbf{Personal}}
+\effect{Until the end of the encounter, you gain a +2 shield bonus to AC and
+Reflex, and you can use the secondary power at will.}
+\daily{Emerald Shield Attack}{Warlock Attack 5}
+\flavour{Your shield strikes back at an enemy as it attacks you.}
+\keywords{Daily}{Arcane, Radiant}
+\action{Immediate Reaction}{\melee1}
+\powerpar{Trigger}{An adjacent enemy attacks you.}
+\target{The triggering enemy}
+\effect{The target takes 10 Radiant damage.}