sjamaan  committed 5925151

svn-egg-author: Change update-meta to use a sorted list to ensure stability of file order in meta files when updating. This means the meta file won't get modified as often. Thanks to Jim Ursetto


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File svn-egg-author.meta

  (license "Public Domain")
  (depends ssax sxpath)
- (files "svn-eggtag.scm" "svn-egg-author.setup" "svn-egg-author.meta" "svn-update-meta.scm" "svn-egg-author.release-info"))
+ (files "svn-egg-author.meta" "svn-egg-author.release-info" "svn-egg-author.setup" "svn-eggtag.scm" "svn-update-meta.scm"))

File svn-update-meta.scm

                                  (car meta))))))))
 (define (update-meta! files-list)
-  (let* ((meta-file (car (glob "*.meta")))
+  (let* ((files-list (sort files-list string<?))
+	 (meta-file (car (glob "*.meta")))
          (meta-data (read-all meta-file)))
     (unless (call-with-input-string meta-data valid-meta-data?)
       (fprintf (current-error-port) "Error: invalid meta data in " meta-file)