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sjamaan  committed 85d05d1

svn-egg-author: Also check for existence of tags directory

git-svn-id: http://code.call-cc.org/svn/chicken-eggs/release/4/svn-egg-author/trunk@23402fca3e652-9b03-0410-8d7b-ac86a6ce46c4

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             (qs tagdir))))
 (define (check-tag-does-not-exist! root-url release-version)
-  (when ((if-car-sxpath `(// name (equal? ,release-version)))
-         (svn-xml (sprintf "svn ls --xml ~A/tags" (qs root-url))))
+  (when (and ((if-car-sxpath `(// name (equal? "tags")))
+              (svn-xml (sprintf "svn ls --xml ~A" (qs root-url))))
+             ((if-car-sxpath `(// name (equal? ,release-version)))
+              (svn-xml (sprintf "svn ls --xml ~A/tags" (qs root-url)))))
     (fprintf (current-error-port)
              "There's already a tag that matches your release version ~S!~%"