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; A minimal MySQL client library for chicken-scheme.
; Requires MySQL database system development components,
; libmysqlclient and mysql_config. The mysql_config
; program needs to be in the $PATH.
; To install, from the directory containing mysql-client.setup:
;   chicken-install -s -test
; To uninstall:
;   chicken-uninstall -s mysql-client
; Example program below, to compile and run:
;   make
;   ./scm-mysql-example
; To escape parameters used in a query, a placeholder
; syntax can be used, and an association list provided.
; Example:

;   (sql "SELECT * FROM t1 WHERE c1 = $1 AND c2 = $2" '(($1 . "value1") ($2 . "value2")))
; For access to the underlying MYSQL connection pointer object,
; pass a procedure rather than a string. The provided procedure will 
; be called with the connection pointer as the first argument.
; Example:
;   (sql (lambda(c) (printf "Connection pointer: ~S~%" c)))

(use mysql-client)

(define sql (make-mysql-connection "localhost" "root" #f "information_schema"))

(define fetch (sql "select * from schemata"))

(define (fetch-loop)
  (let ((row (fetch)))
    (if row 
          (printf "~A~%" row)


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