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         return "break"
     def home_callback(self, event):
-        if (event.state & 12) != 0 and event.keysym == "Home":
-            # state&1==shift, state&4==control, state&8==alt
-            return # <Modifier-Home>; fall back to class binding
+        if (event.state & 4) != 0 and event.keysym == "Home":
+            # state&4==Control. If <Control-Home>, use the Tk binding.
+            return
         if self.text.index("iomark") and \
  "iomark", "<=", "insert lineend") and \


+What's New in IDLE 2.7.2?
+*Release date: XX-XX-XXXX*
+- <Home> toggle non-functional when NumLock set on Windows.  Issue3851.
 What's New in IDLE 2.7?
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