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Nick Coghlan  committed 1cb486f

Give more info in verbose mode when checking crashers, and stress the stack even more in the compiler crasher

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File Lib/test/crashers/compiler_recursion.py

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 # e.g. '1*'*10**5+'1' will die in compiler_visit_expr
 # The exact limit to destroy the stack will vary by platform
-# but 100k should do the trick most places
-compile('()'*10**5, '?', 'exec')
+# but 1M should do the trick most places
+compile('()'*10**6, '?', 'exec')

File Lib/test/test_crashers.py

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             # Some "crashers" only trigger an exception rather than a
             # segfault. Consider that an acceptable outcome.
+            if test.support.verbose:
+                print("Checking crasher:", fname)