Martin von Löwis committed 3a332bf

Issue #3767: Convert Tk object to string in tkColorChooser.

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             # make sure initialcolor is a tk color string
             color = self.options["initialcolor"]
-            if type(color) == type(()):
+            if isinstance(color, tuple):
                 # assume an RGB triplet
                 self.options["initialcolor"] = "#%02x%02x%02x" % color
         except KeyError:
     def _fixresult(self, widget, result):
+        # result can be somethings: an empty tuple, an empty string or
+        # a Tcl_Obj, so this somewhat weird check handles that
+        if not result or not str(result):
+            return None, None # canceled
         # to simplify application code, the color chooser returns
         # an RGB tuple together with the Tk color string
-        if not result:
-            return None, None # canceled
         r, g, b = widget.winfo_rgb(result)
-        return (r/256, g/256, b/256), result
+        return (r/256, g/256, b/256), str(result)
 # test stuff
 if __name__ == "__main__":
     print "color", askcolor()
+- Issue #3767: Convert Tk object to string in tkColorChooser.
 - Issue #4342: Always convert Text.index result to string.
 - Issue 3248: Allow placing ScrolledText in a PanedWindow.
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